Key enterprising skills to get ahead

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When an aspiring 12-year-old entrepreneur reached out to Richard Branson and asked about the key enterprising skills he used to get ahead, Branson posted his reply to her on LinkedIn. “The key enterprising skills I used when first starting out are the very same ones I use today: the art of delegation, risk-taking, surrounding yourself with a great team and working on projects you really believe in,” Branson writes. “I delegated the areas I struggled with to people who also believed in the project,” he says. “This freed up my time to focus on what I was good at — the strategy of the magazine, making contacts and developing marketing.” Branson says that that to get his magazine off the ground in the… Read More →

Women – A Force for Change


As “women’s empowerment” has become a buzz phrase in the last few years, some people are pushing back. They resent this as the latest fad in political correctness, a liberal mission to troll for support from woolly-minded female voters. Consider Marte Dalelv, the 24-year-old Norwegian woman who reported a rape in Dubai — and then was sentenced to 16 months in prison on charges that included extramarital sex. That was, she said, three months longer than the alleged rapist’s prison sentence. After an outcry, the authorities “pardoned” Dalelv (and also, according to news-media reports, her alleged rapist). That’s the first reason “empowerment” isn’t just a feel-good slogan: profound gender injustices persist —not just in Dubai but also, albeit to a… Read More →

Frauenquote an der Wallstreet?


Warum arbeiten eigentlich mehr Männer an der Wall Street als Frauen? Die New Yorker Börse  ist fest in männlicher Hand. Hedgefonds-Manager Paul Tudor Jones verstört mit seiner Begründung für diesen Fakt nicht nur Frauen. Der milliardenschwere Hedgefonds-Manager Paul Tudor Jones hat sich mit einer Bemerkung über Frauen an der Wall Street kräftig in die Nesseln gesetzt. Bei einer Diskussionsrunde der Universität von Virginia gab er seine Ansicht zum Besten, warum es mehr Männer im Börsenhandel gebe. Frauen, so seine These, seien mit der Geburt eines Kindes für dieses nervenaufreibende Geschäft einfach nicht mehr zu gebrauchen. “Sobald die Lippen des Babys die Brust der Frau berühren, kannst Du es vergessen”, erklärte er. “Jede einzelne Investmentidee, jeder Wunsch zu verstehen, warum dieses oder jenes… Read More →

The news is out: Women are better corporate leaders than men….

women better than men

Peter Drucker knew it.. So asserts a Los Angeles Times article on a new study recently published in the International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics. Among the virtues of female executives, according to the Times: “Women leaders are more likely than men to consider competing interests and take a cooperative approach when making decisions,” and they are also “more inquisitive than men and tend to see more than one solution to a problem.” As for company performance, “companies with at least one female director were 20% less likely to file bankruptcy,” and those with “higher representations of females on their boards had better financial performance.” Now, we admit that we have not devoted a great deal of time to evaluating the merits of this… Read More →

Richard Branson: Why We Need More Women In The Boardroom


I recently watched 12 Angry Men – that classic 1957 film about a jury struggling to decide the fate of an 18-year-old man who has been charged with murder. The movie gives you a sense of how the legal system worked in the United States back then, when juries were less diverse. By today’s standards, we would find it unsettling if a jury were comprised of 12 middle-aged white men. So why have so many business leaders been slow to take notice when women are absent from the boards of their companies? In most developed nations, the percentage of women in the labor force has increased dramatically since the 1950s. When 12 Angry Men was produced, less than a third of American workers were female, whereas… Read More →

CEOs Who Get It

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“Gender equality is essential for the effectiveness of our operations around the world. It enables us to be in close contact with the people we are striving to help and – this is critical – to 
better understand their vulnerabilities. It facilitates our access to relevant networks and spheres of influence at community level. Having a gender balanced executive team will give a strong impulse to efforts to reach gender equality at all levels of the organization. It’s also a real plus for me: I clearly feel more at ease, more positively challenged in my thinking and more efficient with a mixed team. 
 An important measure of “making it happen” — whether in the ICRC or in other organizations… Read More →

Warren Buffett is bullish … on women


In an exclusive essay the Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA, Fortune 500) chairman and CEO explains why women are key to America’s prosperity. In the flood of words written recently about women and work, one related and hugely significant point seems to me to have been neglected. It has to do with America’s future, about which — here’s a familiar opinion from me — I’m an unqualified optimist. Now entertain another opinion of mine: Women are a major reason we will do so well. Start with the fact that our country’s progress since 1776 has been mind-blowing, like nothing the world has ever seen. Our secret sauce has been a political and economic system that unleashes human potential to an extraordinary degree…. Read More →