Many leaders in the workplace have lost their competitive edge.  They lack the substance that is required to be an effective and sustainable leader.  They have seemingly made the choice to grow complacent and have grown tired of trying to improve their skills and capabilities.   Great leaders know that it’s a survival of the fittest game.  Just because you are in a leadership position now, doesn’t mean that you will forever remain an effective leader.   This is why many leaders become followers throughout the course of their careers.

Effective leadership is hard work, takes patience and requires you to have sound vision, make smart decisions, and serve others through a passionate pursuit of excellence.

If you were to define your leadership style in one word, what would it be?   Controlling, transparent, collaborative? Are you projecting a leadership style that is engaging, inspiring and forward-thinking?   Have you made the necessary adjustments and / or improvements in your leadership style that will allow you to remain relevant enough to proactively serve the changing demands of the new marketplace?

The most effective leaders know they must continually reinvent themselves.  Most leaders don’t.   They remain satisfied with the status quo and attempt to use the same style and approach – regardless of the individual employees and /or the organization they serve.  This is why they find it difficult to create and sustain momentum in their work and careers.   Rather than find ways to be proactive, they find themselves just floating along and afraid to rock the boat.

Leadership is all about taking risks and knowing when to take them.   If you don’t feel comfortable being uncomfortable  – courageous enough to see and seize opportunities that others don’t and do what others won’t – it is impossible to be  an effective leader.   These are the fundamentals of sustainable leadership.   So look around you and ask yourself the following question:  Has your leadership style become outdated?

If you are uncertain about your answer to this question, here are five signs that tell you that it’s time to reconsider a change in your leadership style and approach:

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Time for an adjustment? Check your leadership style!
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