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"Without women there is no success."

Women in leadership positions are still the exception – therefore the more important it is to encourage them and help them discover their potential to give complete expression to their strengths. A specially designed training package for a woman offers the ability to establish herself as a business woman in a leadership position or to be courageous and self-confident enough to embark on the path to a leadership position.

This training cycle helps women in (future) leadership positions to deploy their ideas and skills more successfully and in a relaxed manner. Their trainers are consultants and coaches who also have many years of practical management experience. Current issues of modern leadership are provided in practical language and are adequately supported by theory.

Learning together and benefitting from one another, sharing experiences in a homogeneous environment and supporting one another - these special qualities unfold among the participants during the course. Emotional and social intelligence are not catchphrases, but the foundation of successful leadership and the central theme through the various modules of this cycle.

The modular design of the program makes this seminar series easy to integrate into the existing staff development programs of companies.

Women’s Leadership Development stands for growing success, dedication and commitment, female self-confidence and charm. A natural self-conception of the role of a business woman, enjoying new challenges, taking courage and a high, healthy motivation is hereby developed.

This special program designed by women for women provides a platform on which individual skills with peers are deployed and strengthened. With new insights, fresh perspectives and self-confidence the first/next step toward the goal - to be a ’Women in a leadership role’ - is set. 

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