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"If you stop trying to be better, you stop being good"

Organization development is a continuous process characterized by the fact that all parties ponder frequently, consciously and collectively about their self-concept, their actions and the results obtained. They develop ideas for changes and transform them into structures, processes and actions. The ability to recognize the need for organizational change and the capability to implement new strategies go hand in hand.

The company as a ’learning organization’ continuously expands its ability to shape its own future creatively and to adapt to changing market conditions. Leaders must always keep ’forest AND trees’ in view at the same time. Each position cannot be considered in isolation, there are always dependencies and interactions within the system to be considered and taken into account.

The essentials for a ‘learning organization’ are the learning processes and the ongoing further education of the individual. Individual learning leads to a specific modification in behavior or to an extension of the behavioral repertoire and knowledge. These impulses act on the prevailing corporate culture - and thus affect the entire system.

Internal perception and prejudice shape the beliefs and perspectives of every human.  People who are coming together to create and achieve common goals act according to certain (internal) values. It is useful to be aware of the values ​​that influence decisions and tactics. The available potential is greatest when people who work together not only have identified the goal but also perceive this as an opportunity to realize personal values.

Successful organization development is based on smart planning, clear structures and the recognition that change only comes into favor for those who are prepared for and open to it. Every change requires courage, commitment and innovation.

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