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"If you intend to renew yourself, do it every day."

Joy and happiness are largely caused by fulfilling activities - when we live intensely and feel
enthusiasm, we radiate more vitality.

We all want to feel alive, free and healthy. We all want to find our ’inner balance’. If we stay on our way, listen to our feelings, follow our intuition, then we are living our true nature. The Chinese call it ’Dao’. Dao means ’the right way’. Disease and stress always occur where things do not follow their Dao, i.e. where we are not in harmony with ourselves and not in progress with life. Mental and physical health is a kind of floating balance. Everything changes, nothing remains. Holistic treatment and counseling methods take account of these natural cycles and help to restore the harmony of body and soul.

Holistic counseling - Our nutrition

Health essentially depends on the quality of our nutrition. Chinese medicine describes how different nourishments energetically affect the subtle physical processes and organs. A type-specific  5-element nutritional plan will be developed;  rearrangements which counteract the effects of various adverse influences - such as weather or  lifestyle - will be proposed.

Holistic counseling - Our environment

Modern buildings often block the reasonable and stimulating flow of healthy, fresh air, oxygen and energy. In addition, electrical devices for example create harmful rays that cause stress and have an adverse impact on our health. By using the 4000-year-old Feng Shui science, the natural and healthy state as it exists out of doors (in nature), can be recreated in rooms and buildings, and will improve our physical, mental and emotional balance.

Holistic counseling – Burn-out Prevention

Stress is the greatest cause of disease in our time. As part of individual counseling or in a workshop you will learn what effect the lack of inner balance has and how you can stay ’balanced’ even in a hectic phase. Learning effective techniques for reducing stress will help you to relax and find inner peace in the future.