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"Time does not change ourselves, it just unfolds us."

Every human knows deeply inside her/himself who s/he is. Very often people take up coaching sessions because they have lost contact with their true selves, i.e. their real core. Symptoms are sometimes simply messages coming from their true selves, which want to be lived!

The INTEGRAL HUMAN DESIGN analysis thoroughly confirms this core of being, the existence of which people probably have sensed to be there but often have doubted it.

In INTEGRAL HUMAN DESIGN Coaching the information gathered from the personality analysis is incorporated in the process with regard to the context and to the specific and current vital matters of the client.


INTEGRAL HUMAN DESIGN is a cutting edge tool for human transformation.
It displays the distinctive qualities you are born with, guides you to live to your maximum potential and give your deepest gifts to the world, and provides a map for the journey into your essence.

INTEGRAL HUMAN DESIGN helps to find orientation and support on your journey into the depth of your human nature, to discover a new level of compassion for yourself and others in our humanness, to expand your perspectives of life and to shift from a limiting to an empowering concept of self and reality. In remembering who we really are we regain the choice, opportunity and responsibility to co-create our own evolution.

INTEGRAL HUMAN DESIGN displays and describes the uniqueness of each human being with striking accuracy and differentiation.  Here is a simple metaphor: Your INTEGRAL HUMAN DESIGN Bodygraph™ is a treasure map. The treasure is you and the map helps you to find it - in spite of all personal slights, depreciations, burdensome beliefs and misleading guideposts in your head as to what you are  and to your life.

If you have any questions concerning INTEGRAL HUMAN DESIGN or the BODYGRAPH please contact us at office@gruesser.at