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"You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible."

Happiness does not consist of doing what you want, but in liking what you do. It takes very little to live a happy life. It is up to us: our way of thinking determines how we feel. 

Business Coaching · Team Coaching

Business Coaching means assisting people in professional change processes and bolstering their career management. A business coach helps executives, teams or individual employees to analyze different fields of professional problems and clarify them in a practice-oriented way. He is a catalyst as well as a sponsor to encourage re-orientation processes, personal and behavioral changes and gives inspiration to (re)discover their own potential. The core-function of a coach is to help people help themselves and to accompany them through change processes optimally.

Besides having a huge sense of responsibility, courage and endurance, empathy, patience and intuition are essential characteristics of a coach. Practical management experience is essential in Business or Team Coaching.

Personal Coaching

Everything we need is buried deep within us, waiting to unfold and reveal itself. We need to do nothing but relax and take time to discover. If we facilitate that, we can reflect and realize that we already have everything we wish for.

In Personal Coaching the holistic approach has priority, i.e. causing, detecting and implementing changes at all levels of our consciousness. The coach helps to recognize potential, identify aims in life and create action plans for solving specific problems. It is vital to leave entrenched thinking behind and to break fresh ground.

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